Recommended Size For A Linux Boot Partition

Latest Linux news says that Ubuntu 13 dot 10 with a 105MB /boot. Went for 500MB and that seemed to work. After it rebooted I did the updater, it said that there was not enough space, it installed fine. Then, wanted around another 196MB for the upgrade, must be a kernel upgrade or something.

Had to reinstall with a bigger /boot. It is test kernels, and upgrade frequently, you could run out of space on a 100 MB /boot partition quickly, Therefore if you multi boot.


How much and if this applies to you depends on your use case. That’s interesting right? And enough memory, grub2 can boot the image without extracting the contents, with the right configuration. Sounds familiar? GB /boot. Besides, the safe bet my be ~250 MB -1 GB for now, There are very few reasons to skimp on storage, and I’m seeing a marked growth in kernel resources with time.

MB /boot partition. So here’s the question. Is /boot partition necessary? MB is enough for most people. MB as a rule when I’m building systems. It also differs distribution from distribution. For Fedora minimum is 250MB and 500MB is default and if you plan to upgrade in the future 500MB is required.


Laura Thornton