Latest Linux News From Tech Pro Research

Latest Linux News From Tech Pro Research

Truth be told, there’re apps, that happen to be closed source, that I depend upon. They wouldn’t even use commands used in Linux to be part of the picture, so in case those apps didn’t function within the Linux ecosystem. My daily routine hums along quite well, as long as those closed source apps function on Linux Power.

Being that they do, Actually I use them. Fact, thing is.they do. As I use them.they exist. Closed, open, or somewhere in between. On top of those platforms, however, I will use whatever tool gets the job done. Open source is very good to me for over a decade and I intend on never using a closed source desktop or server platform. Do you know an answer to a following question. Why? Although, I’ll happily replace that closed source software, when a viable open sourced alternative to a closed source app arrives. Because I have found Linux to be the single best platform for me to get my work done efficiently and reliably.



linux The other day I responded to a post on Facebook and said I predicted in the next five years all major platforms would’ve been open.

All of these titles, however, run on the very much open source, Elementary OS Freya.

Chrome, Spotify client, Google Apps.all closed. The majority of the software I use on a regular basis is open. LibreOffice, The GIMP, Audacity, OpenShot, Thunderbird.those are the open source apps I use daily. Most of us know that there are a few pieces of the puzzle that are closed. On top of that, he’s an avid promoter of open source and the voice of The Android Expert. Jack Wallen is an awardwinning writer for TechRepublic and That’s not planning to happen with the bits and pieces that lay on top of the operating systems, albeit we may very well live in a world where all major platforms are open. That’s not planning to happen. The sky would no longer be the limit. Anyway, it should be utterly fantastic if nearly any piece of software was open source. Now look. There are companies out there that must turn a profit to keep the doors open and they fully believe profit won’t occur if the source to their baby is made available.

Imagine the possibilities. The writing is all over the bathroom source has won and runs plenty of the most powerful networks and systems in the world. There are many people that should tell me I could switch out open software for those few closed titles. The death knell has tolled for platform as profit model. Both companies have even given away upgrades to major releases. Just think for a moment. Neither Microsoft nor Apple make serious money from operating systems any longer. What it means is that top-notch tool for the job is the one as a rule of a thumb, be that open, closed, or somewhere in between. Because companies like Microsoft and Apple have opened their eyes to the truth, it’s time the open source faithful open their arms and embrace closed apps, as long as of this.

That doesn’t mean, in any way, you are giving up on the idea of freedom.

Laura Thornton